Incidentally, does END being a fire demon effect any of those Evil Natsu Dragneel theories?

More importantly, how permanent is Gray’s new power up? It seems like the general rule is that if you get a tattoo when someone grants you some power, then it’s only temporary. Not sure if I want him to keep it or not. On the one hand, Devil Slayer Gray sounds pretty nice. On the other, there’s already a lot of slayers.

I’d almost completely forgoten Juvia can turn into water

I mean, she does it so rarely…

But damn. Entering people and ripping them apart from the inside out. She just got a lot scarier.

Things I just remembered:

Duke Everlue owns a book called Soaking of Meat and Hatred.

Okay. I consider myself a loyal Lucia fangirl… but dammit Haru looks great in these.




Wait a second…
People are actually angry that Gray is plot relevant right now???

What the hell? Why???

But that’s what I’ve been hearing lol

Maybe because it’s been so long? I was kinda happy to see him get a big part again after the GMG arc more or less glossed over him, but I suppose if you got used to the focus being on other characters who you like more…

#1 thing I most want to see animated



Rogue stomping on his shadow.

Yes. Really.


Like, I really want to see this. We’re getting really close, now, right?


The Fairy Tail fandom isn’t as big as other fandoms so the fanfics are always gold(:


Sturgeons Law applies to FT fanfics the same as it does all other fandoms. There’s no shortage of stories written with the sort of grammar you would expect from a quick text, to say nothing of the “Lisanna replaced Lucy” cliche that’s by no means hard to encounter going through fanfic archives.

That said, there are a fair few fanfics that I’ve really loved for Fairy Tail.


thefairystail (sorry I’m on mobile) I’ve noticed. It’s so boring to see so many stories of the same plot done and I really wish they would pick a new plot device. I’ve also seen a story or 2 about Lucy becoming queen of dragons or Celestial Dragon Slayer @_@

I’ve seen that celestial slayer idea in summaries before, but I’ve always been afraid to click on them. What would a Celestial Dragon Slayer eat anyway? Spirits?

That’s way too dark.


Once upon a time a mangaka named Hiro Mashima was asked this question


And his reply to the requested fanservice was


Because having shameless, inappropriate, explicit, fanservice is awkward to draw and would make the readers uncomfortable.

Oh! I remember that!

These pages, right?



I think I would have felt a lot more comfortable with the Elie fanservice.

Incidentally, this is seven volumes before the scene where Julia gives Elie alcohol that she knows is too strong, than strips her once she’s unconscious. (Which was probably one of his more tasteless moments.) I already flipped through a lot of pages to find Lazenby and share the discomfort, so no exact number on where this Q&A turned up in relation to the one noting how all of the Rave characters are stacked.

He kinda called it though. The female fanservice is by no means a series killer (and given my appreciation for the male fanservice, I have nothing against anyone who likes those female moments) but boy howdy did people flip out when those fanservice scenes showed up.

Plot Twist

Frogue’s intervention in the past has made his present day self aware enough of his behavior to never become evil. Instead, it will now be Sting who kills Rogue and absorbs his former partner’s powers.


Uh… does anyone else find Yuriy Dreyar really attractive? No? Just me? Okay.. I’ll go return to ogling silently then.

I would call him a very pleasant looking hybrid between Sting and Laxus. Further commentary on appearance pending for (hopeful) shirtless scene.

Checked out the spin-offs too

Gray’s story was… okay? The art style threw me off a bit. It was similar, but not quite… well, it threw me off. I’m going to feel a little weird about any sort of major character of plot development that happens in this one. Particularly if is doesn’t ever get mentioned by adult Gray.

Zero was pretty interesting though. I guess in part because I’m less worried about how developments in it might fit into canon, I didn’t spend as much time wondering how they might… well… mess with canon. Kid Mavis is a cutey, and it was nice to see there’s a damn good reason that the council is strict about guild wars. And Makarov’s dad looks like he’ll be fun to watch.

Also, a round of applause to Mashima for letting a small child watch another small child die. I never thought I would see that in anything Fairy Tail related.

Frick. I wasn’t expecting that chapter for a bit longer. (How late am I to read it?)

That was actually… a pretty good chapter. It’s been a while since Fairy Tail really tugged at my heartstrings like that. And Mashima did a pretty good job of trying all of Silver’s behavior together too.

Don’t really know what else to say. Just… great emotional impact.


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I know we’ve seen him a few times… but holy crap that would have been such a shocker if it were true.


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I know we’ve seen him a few times… but holy crap that would have been such a shocker if it were true.