Seeing fanart of Natsu and E.N.D. is getting me kinda into the whole theory. The cynical part of me still expects it to fall flat. Like, he’ll just be a stronger than normal demon, or have some power that makes it so if you kill him, someone you love also dies or something, but I’m starting to get a bit hopeful for the possibility that Natsu is E.N.D. in sleep mode.

It’d be kinda cool if he’s almost unsealed, and from that point on has to be careful not to damage the seal further. Like, each time he goes Dragon Force he gets a little closer to reverting into a demon. Or something.

New Headcanon


Zeref made Natsu.

Natsu is one of Zeref’s demons.

This means my headcanon for Rogue has been abandoned. I like this one more.

So to kill time between classes I’ve been going through my blog and deleting some obnoxious unrelated posts and straightening up tags a bit, and I just came across this.

For the record, I stuck with that Rogue headcanon after all… but with E.N.D. now revealed to be a fire demon this old thing might actually be close to coming true. Which will crack me up if it’s the case because I just made it up for fun last July. Like, a few weeks before we saw that first demon who could kiddify people last July.

(Holy crap, has Mashima been building up this arc for that long?)

Okay. Last one. For now. I think.

Ooo! Deerhound! And cute Resha! And Julia with her hair short. Which you saw in the manga about three in story days before Julia with her hair long. Because her hair grows, like, really fast.

Still not Lucia, but also still very good looking Haru.

Holy crap! Kid!Julia and that one random girl from Sieg’s hometown who learned to use a second element.

…She looks like a blond Levy…

I got behind on checking the Rave Master tag so I might spam reblogs of these. Sorry in advance if I do.

Incidentally, does END being a fire demon effect any of those Evil Natsu Dragneel theories?

More importantly, how permanent is Gray’s new power up? It seems like the general rule is that if you get a tattoo when someone grants you some power, then it’s only temporary. Not sure if I want him to keep it or not. On the one hand, Devil Slayer Gray sounds pretty nice. On the other, there’s already a lot of slayers.

I’d almost completely forgoten Juvia can turn into water

I mean, she does it so rarely…

But damn. Entering people and ripping them apart from the inside out. She just got a lot scarier.

Things I just remembered:

Duke Everlue owns a book called Soaking of Meat and Hatred.

Okay. I consider myself a loyal Lucia fangirl… but dammit Haru looks great in these.




Wait a second…
People are actually angry that Gray is plot relevant right now???

What the hell? Why???

But that’s what I’ve been hearing lol

Maybe because it’s been so long? I was kinda happy to see him get a big part again after the GMG arc more or less glossed over him, but I suppose if you got used to the focus being on other characters who you like more…

#1 thing I most want to see animated



Rogue stomping on his shadow.

Yes. Really.


Like, I really want to see this. We’re getting really close, now, right?