Did we ever get confirmation that the former chairman was dead? I mean, dead again? Like, Minerva and Erza were rushing to stop him, but technically shouldn’t Juvia have stopped the Face threat by killing Keith? That’s why Gray’s dad went poof, right?

Does he somehow get to move around still? Shouldn’t face be a threat? If they were going to get other guilds involved it needs to stay a threat.

Toying with the idea of shipping Zeref and Zeira. I like to call it… Zeiref.

Nah, idk. Haven’t seen enough of Zeira to crack ship her with anyone. It just popped into my head as a rival ship for Zervis.

Oh dang

Does this mean Gajevy is deconfimed as canon? She said he was just the first one she passed by. That’s so mean.

And Gajeel gained some backstory akin to Erza and Kagura turning out to have a history together. Or did we see him and Levy finding the body and get some hint of distress? I’ll have to go back and check… *shrug* I suppose if it’s some development for Gajeel and not an easy way to make an opponent give up, I don’t really mind. It’s kind of late in the series for characters to get backstory that has never been hinted at, but it’s in line with some of his other flashbacks so it’s not really a big deal. (Actually, it bugs me more that I never knew the lady had a dead son than that Gajeel had some history with her.)

End of fight was interesting. There have been a lot of fights lately (and especially since the end of the GMG arc) where characters win by declaring that they’re fighting for something, it feels like. I really liked it when Natsu used to win by getting access to fire or etherion or guilt fire that acts like etherion that would give him the boost he needed to pull through. As such, I 100% approve of Gajeel’s victory.

Now to see if the poison still effects them too, or if it’s only Juvia who’s dying.


Oh god.
At least no one tinted Gray’s hair blue.


Oh god.

At least no one tinted Gray’s hair blue.

Is your FT Headcanon true (as in, from the manga you found these as facts) or is it what you think?

Um… it’s headcanon. It’s stuff that’s only canon in my head.


stop sexualising the jiggle butt gang

Guys, this is super important.


I just checked Twitter and people are pestering Mashima over why the ILLEGAL scanlations aren’t out yet.

Fairy Tail fandom has reached a new low.

What. The. Fuck.

A bit torn on Ice Trail

I have never before been so unenthused with anything associated with Mashima. (I mean, between re-reading this and rewatching that episode of  Rave Master’s anime dub with the miner girl that they threw in to explain away info from the whole introductory arc that the anime skipped, I would rather watch the bad dub. Recycled footage and all.) The whole thing just feels… off. Gray’s character is bugging me. The art not being Mashima’s style despite using his character is bugging me. The direction it’s going right now is boring me. I kind of want to dismiss it. But at the same time there’s only two chapters so far. For a monthly ongoing series it’s kind of a pain to follow something I’m not that into… but I want to give it a little time to pick up speed before I discount it.

But Fairy Tail Zero’s doing good so far.




Rave Master: Swimsuit/Bath Edition, Part Two.

Aside from that one, this is a very nice collection. I approve.

I have to ask.. which one is that one??

Lazenby. Obviously.


A little treat for the Lucia fans out there.

…Somehow I missed this earlier.

Oh well. The important part is that I saw it.

Now excuse me while I go squeal my head off.


Rave Master: Swimsuit/Bath Edition, Part Two.

Aside from that one, this is a very nice collection. I approve.

Did FT0 just come out, or did literally everything I was waiting for happen while I was away? (I bet it was the latter. I got back to find out my favorite author had finally named the final book in her series and had a goal date for releasing the next book too…)

First off… Zeira lived. Okay. I’m just… okay. It’s Fairy Tail. I should have seen that coming. That makes a lot of the “if she lived” artwork a bit less beautiful, though.

Mavis is super cute though. Zeira too. And Yuriy is still hot and I’m still waiting to see him shirtless. Personality so far is also good… but seriously. Lose the shirt.


Omg Rogue Dx


At last! At long last! I got to see it animated!

I haven’t been counting the episodes, but if this is the week where Rogue stomps on his shadow I’m going to flip a table. I’ve waited for that scene for over a year now. If it happens the weekend I don’t have internet I don’t know if I’ll cry or laugh.

I just remembered Lahar is dead and now I’m sad.